My Lazy Ass

It’s funny. I put so much energy in so many things but there’s no balance in it. But when I want, I will bust my ass. And I kind of did for the Miss Jet Set event. For those of you who aren’t aware (I’d be surprised, because I was advertising my pics unabashedly), I have been competing for the Miss Jet Set Competition for the last month.

I kind have stumbled upon it, half seriously applying thinking no way in hell would I get that far. And when I found out that donations (dollars for votes), I’d sell myself for the sake of these kids that have cancer. A few bikini shots, but mostly artistic portraits, fitness poses, begging Facebook friends to donate or vote. I used all of my social media, pretending not to care. I aired on the side of the girl next door, as opposed to the alternative.

I started in 44th place, then reached the 28th, and ended in 20th place. Not bad I guess for a girl that doesn’t have a body of a goddess.

It ended, and during the whole event I had been horribly sick. I started with the flu, laryngitis (which I still have) and then they found some infiltrate in my lung. Against doctors orders, I occasionally spoke. Finally I came to my senses, and I started using a white board and dry erase marker. Funny but difficult.

The point is, all this rambling, is that it made me think. You know how you keep doing the same things over, and over, and somehow you fill your time with things that just don’t go anywhere? Well that’s basically what I was doing.

Boxing 4-5 times per week, some during the day some in the evening. Lifting at lunch, lifting at home. Working, trying to meet deadlines, answer questions, being as efficient as possible.

What did I need to throw in there? Rest. Yoga. (My body is f’d) I laid down, with my arms perpendicular, palms up. Guess what my hand doesn’t touch the ground. I can’t seem to stretch legs out too far and flatten out my body out too much either. I forsee this as future problems.

After I get well, I have to throw in Yoga. I may have to buy some yoga sessions. That way I go just for that purpose. I hate yoga. I’m a boxer. I hit. I punch.

But it’s time to take care of myself.

More later. More writing too.

Bye for now. L.

Strength, Intensity and Cardio: In a world of “ors”

My health.  So far so good.  I am currently not inflamed. I’m not sick.  I can breathe.  No asthma attacks.  No exhaustion. No weakness. And with that I have been slowly stepping up my fitness goals.

I reached a plateau which I’ve talked about many times before.  Becoming a vegetarian/ pescatarian 95% of the time  has increased my energy tremendously.

I’ve decided to add steady state cardio to my fitness platform.  It’s always weightlifting or running.  Boxing or weightlifting.  I mean walking. Not intense but non-stressful steady walking.  Why?  I don’t have a naturally fast metabolism. I don’t eat and lose weight quickly.  I want to increase my lung capacity so that I have more stamina.  I have to work and in some ways it sucks but it also makes me work and not take anything for granted.  As some of  you know, I already box twice a day, two times a week.  And it’s definitely high intensity, painfully grueling thanks to my MMA coach Alex Higley at MMA gym Higley Fit.   Additionally I’m starting to lift really heavy on other days with the guidance of my trainer Ricky Burk, my mentor and trainer.  Deadlifts, Hip thrusts, circuit variations, and compound movements is my concentration. When I got hurt because of lack of glute strength, I also followed Bret Contreras, the infamous glute guru and discovered the importance of glute strength.  It also comes with of course the aesthetic benefits.

The contradiction of cardio and lifting.  Also the myths behind boxers that shouldn’t lift. Weightlifters shouldn’t run. Blah, blah blah.

I’ve never been a good rule follower, and expelling all myths by just doing it.

Check out this article:

Or this one:

Getting back to strength takes time, eating nutritious foods and consistency.  I was fit for a very long time.  I’m still fit but I’m not at the elite level I strive to be at.  With all the days of being sick, I took a real nose dive.  It feels good to be back in the game.

Thanks for listening,



How To Train Yourself not to Eat Office Snacks

Office snacks are your enemy, healthy or unhealthy.  Why?  You’ve meal prepped, thought carefully you calorie intake and there it is. Cookies next to the vegetables laid out on the table.  You tell yourself, one cookie won’t hurt.  You taste one.  It’s amazing.  You take two.  Okay that’s not bad.  You take some vegetables to even things out.  Okay I did good…you tell yourself.  Day two.  OMG there’s cheesecake on the table.  Your favorite NY cheesecake with cookie crumbs.  You take a small piece.  I’m still doing good. It’s tiny.  This goes on and, everyday you’re wondering what the next treat of the day is.

You can’t stop.  You look at the table where the snacks usually are.  There’s nothing,  You overeat to compensate your loss.  Next day.  It’s back.  You see fruit.  Ok I can do that.  But next to the fruit is chips and salsa.  You take one, two, three. You can’t stop.  You’re full of regret.  You ate 400 calories over your usual intake.  You’re gaining weight.  You tell yourself you only ate a little of this and a little of that.

Just don’t do it.  It doesn’t matter if there’s fruit, vegetables, your favorite chips and cookies.  You will always be looking at that table for more.  THAT table is derailing you from your goals.

Once you train yourself to not eat anything from that table, it gets easier.  You just won’t eat it anymore.

Don’t look, don’t touch, don’t eat it whatever it is!

Here’s some tips:

  1. Bring your own low calorie snacks
  2. Bring tiny treats of chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth
  3. Eat your own snacks when you see that table filled
  4. Bring multigrain chips (small bag)
  5. Tell people you already ate
  6. Think about your goal
  7. Look at pictures of people you admire
  8. Read motivational articles to keep you on track
  9. Remember that people who fail want company
  10. Learn to say no

Once you keep all these tips in mind, you will learn how much will poser you really have.  Only you will take care of you.  If you tell people you are a healthier you, they will know that you don’t care for unhealthy snacks and they will stop asking you to self sabotage with them.

Keep going!





Don’t be Judgey – Vegan ways

Uh yeah.  I eat a plant based diet 95% of the time.  On occasion I eat fish.  On a special occasion, once or twice a year, I will eat a steak.  One thing I never really liked is chicken.  I’m lactose intolerant.  I love cheese.  That had too stop.  Eggs.  It wasn’t too hard to give up.  I used to eat eggs every day.

Here is what surrounds me. My mom and her suffering from diabetes, the stroke, the kidney complications. My uncle, diabetic, kidney failure, on dialysis. My brother and his wife, diabetic.  My aunt died from diabetes.  My grandpa died from lung problems and didn’t smoke.  My sisters with severe psoriasis, debilitating rheumatoid arthritis.  And me who was the healthiest, asthmatic, with the most serious flare up just this year.

I’ve eaten meat all my life and not once was I judged.  It’s interesting that once you stop and you decide to become sort of vegan, you may be judged for not being 100% vegan.  The fact of the matter is… in the end, it does not matter what anybody says.  People are angry about healthy eating.  I don’t get upset when people make comments.  I just keep doing what I’m doing,  my way.   

Once you’ve suffered from serious illness, you’d do anything to not experience that again.  If you don’t have motivation to eat healthy, why would you?

I’m going to keep going.  If I can control my health in some way, I will.

Here’s some things to think about:

  1. Not everyone can be vegan
  2. Don’t judge, but inspire
  3. Some people can eat whatever they want and still live past 100
  4. Review your family history
  5. It’s a journey
  6. What’s your motivation
  7. Inform yourself
  8. Use supplementation
  9. Do you have food intolerance?
  10. Find people who support you
  11. Are you a victim of autoimmune disease?
  12. It’s your choice

That’s it.  It’s your life. Your choice.







Transition into Health

I realized that I didn’t want to give myself a label.  Other vegans would call me a transitioning vegan.

After, six months of my health declining, I knew I had to change something and it had to be for good.

After 3 weeks of being vegan, I finally am not coughing, no sniffling, no difficulty breathing. My asthma is under control.  I would like to transition out of taking medication slowly.   I’m still trying to find a protein powder I like that’s vegan.  That’s taking time.  I’m still using one that’s got milk protein so I can’t call myself anything.  And I have to be honest on what I can handle.  I feel good. I feel really good.   Today is my birthday which is significant not because of age, but because I can change my bad habits.

For years, I was one of those people that could eat crap and still be skinny and have a six pack.  That went away, I gained about 20 pounds but was still somewhat fit.  Then I got hurt.  I had knee pain and arm pain at the same time. Tendinitis.  Physical therapy.  Say good bye to the fit girl.  My body got thicker.  No matter what I ate, nothing would change.  I was at a serious plateau.  I could eat 3000 calories worth of food and not gain weight, but if I ate 1200 I couldn’t lose it either.  I couldn’t work out at the level I was at before because injury would just reoccur.

I came to the realization that I was unhealthy. And I watched my stomach get bigger and noticed how my clothes looked and I panicked. Then my mom had a stroke, and it really made me think.  She was bedridden, she can’t walk anymore, and her personality was different.  It was the new reality and me and my family had to accept it.  It sucked.  But we kept on.

I knew my symptoms could only get worse.  After 2 bouts of steroids and antibiotics, different inhalers, several hospital visits, I wanted nothing but to be healthy.

So I researched.  I saw that someone, somewhere was cured of asthma by becoming vegan.  I know that there’s a possibility of that it wouldn’t happen, but why not give it a shot.

It’s too early to tell but let’s see.  So far I feel better and leaner.  I am going to keep going.

I’ll keep you updated.








Hello Peeps.  Probably the longest hiatas in the history of blogging.  What can I say besides the fact that I just got distracted.

It doesn’t matter.  I’m back and I’ll try to write as much as possible to keep you up to date.  After all, we deserve it.  You deserve to hear it and I deserve to write it.

I’ve learned a lot between then and now.  I’ve learned that I’ve become the better by doing something for other people.

That being said, that’s why I’m blogging again. Nothing happens when I write for myself or do things for myself. BOOOORRRING.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been training other people in fitness.  It was exciting, motivating and also exhausting.  Mind you, I am a full time governmental accountant which requires constant learning new laws and regulations, audits, etc.  I got burnt out.  For now, I have cut back to training only at lunch time 3x a week.  That’s all I can handle for now.  Instead, I will blog.

I have to get myself back into the swing of training myself to motivate you. What’s cool is I really know what to do.  I’ve been at it for so long that I know what works and what doesn’t.

Soooooo…. my friends.  I don’t expect anyone to do this.  This is just temporary  and then when I can get back to maintenance mode, this will be tapered down.

This is the current plan:

  1. Morning: Steady state cardio … mainly to burn fat and not muscle.
  2. Mid-day:  30 min low-impact lifting cardio circuits 3x a week/ mixed in with boxing 2x a week.
  3. And finally evening training 2x a  week of what my current trainer Ricky Burk gives me from 24 hour Fitness plus boxing drills from Higley Fit (my boxing classes).
  4. Stretch all the fricken time.
  5. Eat Protein. Eat the right carbs.  Follow macros.
  6. Final Golden rule:  When exhausted, break.
  7. Saturday and Sunday limited to only Steady state and a small portion for additional glute training.

That’s it folks!  More later.



The Training – what up?

It’s been DIFFICULT. As Ricky has gotten to know me, he has pushed, challenged, tracked, taught, and has been a relentless trainer. Although I consider myself advanced, this has been challenging.  

SELF DOUBT. We all feel this way. Ricky takes me to a level that I wouldn’t have ever reached on my own. Why?  He has a belief in me that I don’t have. He’s tough on me. And although I complain, I like it. 

Bad training days. I have it. I feel weak, like I let him down, let myself down. The frustration. I know it’s not supposed to be easy. Changing my attitude meant not talking negative. Hard for me.

The Learning: there’s so much.  My form, the movement of each exercise compared to how I used to do it is so different. New exercises that I’d be to chicken to try on my own. The power cleans. Fixing form on front squats. Concentrating on recovery. Foam rolling. The endless knots on my back, my calves, quads, traps, etc. Ricky has taught me so much.

Progress. It’s cool. I love it. I just look in the mirror. And my muscles look more defined. My abs are getting tighter. Friends are asking me what I’m doing.  “I’m training!” I tell them. 

Losing friends. This part sucks. I’ve motivated some people to start working out and I love that. Other people see it as vain. Is it vain?  Maybe. How else would we keep going, writing, creating, building without some vanity involved. We would be stagnant. It’s not vanity, it’s the will, the confidence to DO. They joke that the only food my friends eat is salad. We are strong not anorexic. I hate stereotypes. What people don’t get is that working out is the thing that makes me feel confident in a cynical world. If you don’t like me, it’s probably because you don’t get me. It hurts but I just have to move on.

I come from a family riddled with chronic illness. Partially why I’m so motivated. I have intermittent asthma that can quickly become severe seasonally. I use an inhaler every day twice a day to prevent attacks. It can’t stop me. I always have to get breathing in check to keep going. When signs of extreme exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks, it means something is wrong. I have to keep going. 

It’s rewarding. I feel accomplished. I feel influential.

TAKEAWAY. I love training with Ricky. Not all training is good. Mine is good. Really good. I can’t stop! I want more. I’m ready to work!

Thanks for listening.



A Perspective on Training Solo vs. Being Trained

Hiring a trainer. I always thought in exercise, I’ve always pushed myself harder than any trainer could. I’m a self-motivated, relentless motivator that doesn’t need help.  That being said I’ve done countless workout plans, classes, watched exercise videos. I’ve told myself… I’m an EXPERT.

Uh, wrong! Don’t let your ego ever get in the way of progress.  I needed to humble myself.  Humility is life’s way of telling you… You are not perfect. My failure is also my motivator.  Remember this: There is no end in progress. Progress is a continuous journey that does not stop. You can set mini goals for yourself so you don’t get discouraged.

I’m somewhat fit. Some people would call me very fit yet I don’t have washboard abs.  I have strong legs, the weakest lats and tri’s but I look strong. Muscle imbalances causes problems later on down the line. I had to admit it. I need help.

Soooooooo I hired Ricky from 24 Hour Fitness Sport Club. Ricky’s training is methodical, slow, heavy and technical lifting.  Difficult. I complain, he pushes me forward.  His knowledge surpasses mine by far. Somehow, I’m always out of place, in the wrong position, and he’s correcting that constantly.  He concentrates on a specific muscle so it’s important I follow.  I have a difficult time feeling comfortable with people in general, but for some reason his professionalism works.  His ability to keep me on task is good since I’m so easily distracted. Then diet.  I’m being held accountable. He’s set up my macros. I know I hate it too. Except for cheat meals which I’m allowing two cheat meals once a week, no bread, pizza, cookies, cake, crackers. I’ve planned my meals which is usually some sort of seafood with salad.  I love seafood so it’s the perfect protein for me. Why? Because I’m being measured, weighed which makes me think about everything I’m putting in my body. I’m not saying it’s easy.   For me, it’s my weak link.

Additionally, I have boxing coach Alex from Higley Fit Martial Arts who keeps me on my toes. Alex covers all my hard core intense fast training. I love the torture, the endless kicks, punches, jumps, push-ups, boxing and combos, tire lunges, and sprints.  This is constantly changing and I love the group training atmosphere.  I train with Alex about 4 -5 times a week.  Alex is also technical, and always keeps me guessing on what he has in store for me next. I love boxing and the social interaction which also keeps me competitive.

The combo of the two trainers gives me my fix. Exercise is my drug.


So here’s what I’ve figured out:

  1. You can’t do it yourself.
  2. Trainers make you work harder than yourself.
  3. You are not an expert for everything.
  4. Trainers tells you what you don’t know and can help you reach your goal.
  5. They keep you in check.
  6. They make you do things you would never do on your own.
  7. It’s way more fun with a trainer!

That’s it!   Hearts❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Best “I don’t have a gym membership”, No Equipment Exercises


Yes, I’ve heard the excuses.  You quit your gym membership.  You don’t own weights or a treadmill.  I’m going to tell you about the best compound exercises you can do on your own sans equipment.  Make a schedule.  Don’t just make it, write it in your calendar.  Every, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 I am going to do these exercises.  Choose a designated location for your workout.  You know that when you go to this designated location, you are here for one purpose: To workout.  Choose somewhere away from kids, boyfriends, and friends who may interrupt you while you are doing it.  Set aside 30 minutes.  Everyone has at least 30 minutes.  If you don’t have 30 minutes at once.  Set aside two 15 minute periods to purely do exercises.

I’m going to give you the best exercises that you can do.

1. The “Pushup”

2.  Burpees

3. Jacknife

4. Mountain Climbers

5. Walking lunges

6. Squats

7. Every version of jumping jacks

8. Planks

9. Jump Lunges

10. Pull ups or assisted pullups

Revamp it: A retrospect on the challenge of constant exercise

Hello Friends.

What to discuss.  My absence is a given.  In life, we need a break sometimes…from writing, from fitness classes, from friends.  What I found out is this: You must return from your break at some point.  Face the reality of why you are breaking, and what it is you truly need.

The problem is this.  Not everyone will understand.  Some people might get hurt… especially if your break is too long.  Here’s the other thing.  The longer you are away, the harder it is to come back.  You don’t want to miss important events, etc.  No matter what.  You can’t be selfish.  You must be there for important events in peoples lives.  That means birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc.

So that being said, I’m back.  In full force, ready to go rogue and fighting every step of the way.

I’ve revamped the work out.  Sometimes we get in a rut, doing the same thing day in and day out.  Sometimes progress seems slow because we can’t see it instantly.

To fight boredom, I am revamping my workout every 6 weeks now.  My workout has no limits.  On my break, I discovered that I had to completely change my routine due to my injury.  I had to be creative, finding ways to make it challenging enough without getting hurt again.

I’ve been working out since I’ve been 18 and boredom is a big thing for me.  I’ve evolved tremendously, experimenting with so many types of workouts and what the results could be.  I know my body’s strengths and limitations.

You have to look for a workout that comes close to what your needs are.  I have a series of workouts I follow from John Romaniello that I’ve been working on for a good year.  Now, I’ve completely revamped it, changed it to challenge me in different ways.  His workout plan by far the best workout plan I’ve encountered.  It’s challenging, exciting and I use it again and again.  Here’s what you do.

1.  Find a workout plan that comes close to your level of fitness.

2.  Adjust it to make it harder or easier (or if you are injured)

3.  Be limitless in your pursuit of fitness: Only you know what would challenge you.

4. Rest accordingly.  Over training can put your body to a complete hault so I take this very seriously.  If you can’t workout one day.  Don’t fret.  This is your rest day.

5.  Be consistent.  You can’t get anywhere if you are only working out once a week.  Commit to at least 3 days a week.

6.  Stop following the rules.  You have to experiment to discover what your body can do.

7.  Feed your muscle.  Make sure you are getting enough protein.  Look at your macros. Don’t starve.

8.  Cheat once a week.  It’s not do or die.  Cheating will keep yourself sane.

9.  Stop hating yourself.  Self-defeat is one of the biggest barriers of success.  Just keep going.  You may not see results, but other people do… and they will tell you.

10.  Remember: Life is a journey.  Make friends, be open, be non-critical and stop the comparisons.

That’s it.  Peace always.



My revamped workout:

Interval Sprints and Running, 3 miles 3x a week

Hill Sprints 1x/Week

Spin 1x/Week

HIIT training 1x/ Week ( box jumps, squats, etc.)

Weight training, Dynamic, Pyramids, etc. ( changing every 6 weeks)

Mixed with Boxing classes, gravity classes etc. to break things up.